I played football from the time I was 8 until I graduated from high school. I was good, never great but I understood that a great defense made your offense look so much better. The better your defense is the more time your offense has to score. The more time the offense has with the ball in their hands the more opportunity they have to score. Your defense can score as well. It is just more difficult and less rewarding in terms of points. You would rather have your best offensive players on the field with more opportunities of being in a scoring position. Picture yourself for a minute as the head coach of the Chicago Bears and Walter Payton is alive and playing for you. You do not want him on the bench. You want him with the ball in his hands running down the field toward the end zone.

Ok, so how does all this football talk relate to Google and your business? Many people I speak to are concerned with having their website show up on the first page or better yet the top position on a specific key word search. However, I’m going to tell you that being the top position on Google is not winning the game, but merely a touchdown or even just a simple field goal. Getting a field goal is great if the other team is not scoring, but with google play redeem codes the other team is scoring by simply being number two on the same search results. They have almost just as much chance of scoring as you do in the first position. Scoring is good but dominating is better.

Being in a scoring position is better then not being in that position at all, but wouldn’t it be better to be in EVERY scoring position? Like I said before the best offense is a good defense When my potential customer does a Google search for a keyword I rank well in I want to occupy EVERY position on the front page. This not only is a great offensive move to have the best opportunity to score but it also is the best defensive move to ensure your best players are on the field when it counts.

Google is looking for many items but three of the most important items are quality content, links back to your site, and traffic. You need a system in place that helps you get your quality content all over the Internet. Each time this quality content is found it needs to have a link back to your site. Then you need to get good consistent traffic to your site to learn more about you, your products and your services. Having a system and platform to help you accomplish these tasks is vitally important to you when growing your business and personal brand.

Now go out there and dominate your offensive position on Google and not only score but dominate!

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