Nba2king How to Check Player Stats in NBA 2k19

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Enhancing your custom character to become the best baller in the league has ever been the core focus of 2K19 MT‘s MyCareer style. NBA 2k19 highlights this with Road to 99, a meta-game mode that rewards you for raising your overall evaluation. Weirdly enough, some of your character’s stats are in fact hidden behind many menus.

You can check your player stats either via the Nav button in The Neighborhood or during NBA matches. To check your stats through the Nav, visit League Stats, click Player Stats, press Show Player Card while toggling on your customized character, and then press on your controller’s back bumpers until you see the features section.

Meanwhile, the player stats menu through NBA Mobile Coins matches shows your entire list of features. Locate your player and then click View Player Card. Lastly, press the rear bumpers until you see the attributes section.


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