Working in search optimization, the most of experts need to really fast define sites search parameters to see their competitive characteristics and promotion specificity. If you are you looking for more regarding review the site. One of the ways to solve this problem – is extensions or toolbars, built in browsers. Recently on the search optimization market was issued a new unique product – seo toolbar Seoquake IE, allowing Internet Explorer users to define necessary parameters of analyzed sites on the fly. today Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is one of the most popular browsers. According to statistics, more than 50-60 % of users in the different countries prefer this. In the most of countries the second on popularity is FireFox from Mozilla, wined a significant market share by its active marketing policy. One of these policy sides is the positive attitude of FireFox producers to add-ons (or extensions) creators. This browser has the open code and its producers officially support developers of additional software, including them in recommendation list.

Unlike FF, Internet Explorer has closed code and Microsoft has not such marketing policy, directed on add-ons developers’ support. In this case, many developers face with hard dilemma: to try to work with complicated software product, not receiving the help and also trying to bypass an obstacle, or to not contact it, but lose a significant market share.

Reasoning from that now in the market are presented nearby 10-15 seo extensions for FF and only nearby 5 quite simple seo toolbars for IE, the majority of market participants nevertheless does not dare to seriously devote itself in programming in so difficult situation.

Recently in the market has appeared new toolbar for seo experts, created for Internet Explorer browser. It is the Seoquake IE toolbar from Seoquake team developers. It was created by analogy with already existing, and popular seo extension Seoquake FF, and now the functions accessible to users Firebox, also easily accessible to all seo experts, preferring to work with Internet Explorer.

In the seo market two basic competitors Seoquake IE are now presented. There are Seoinc and Rankquest. This browser add-ons allow experts to define search parameters of a site, to use the multisearch function, etc. (Rankquest is add-on more likely not only for search optimization, but also search marketing as a whole, offering validation tools, definitions of keywords popularity for systems of contextual advertising, etc.) However their search opportunities considerably lose in comparison with new add-on from Seoquake team. Seoquake IE toolbar is adjusted both on beginners and on advanced seo experts and it is completely castomized product, allowing using individual tunings. In it there is an opportunity of instant definition almost all necessary parameters for the seo expert for carrying out of qualitative and professional audit of any site. I want to underline an opportunity of Seoquake in working with search delivery, and defining search parameters of sites directly on search systems pages. For advanced seo experts, by analogy with FF extension is the opportunity of writing its own parameters and even plug-ins.

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