Hormonal contraception is an extremely popular form of birth control used by women across the world. Among the most reliable and widely-used hormonal options are oral contraceptive pills, but more recent methods such as the contraceptive patch and contraceptive ring are also increasing in popularity and are just as effective. Oral contraceptive pills are divided into two categories: the combined pill and the mini-pill. Which type they are depends on the synthetic hormones that are contained within them. When taking either type of contraceptive pill, one pill will need to be taken at the same time every day in order to be effective.

https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/trouver-generique-cialis-france/Micronor is an example of a commonly prescribed mini-pill. It is almost 100% as a way of preventing pregnancy. As a mini-pill, it only contains one synthetic hormone, and that is a type of progestogen called northeristerone (0.35 milligrams). Micronor works in two ways to stop you from becoming pregnant. It is safe for most women over the age of 18. It is possible to buy Micronor online, but it is strongly advised that you only do this through trusted and reputable online clinics. You may experience some mild side effects while taking Micronor, such as headaches, weight changes, nausea or migraines.

Cerazette is also one of the most popular and commonly used mini-pills. It has been proven to be almost 100% effective in protecting women against pregnancy. It is composed of desogestrel (artificial progestogen). It is the only mini-pill which can prevent the process of ovulation, just like combination pills. This pill can be taken by women who are above 18 years of age, but should be avoided if you are already pregnant. Cerazette is an excellent alternative for women who are allergic to oestrogen, are breastfeeding or those who are above 35 years and are regular smokers.

Femulen is a mini pill which is an effective means of contraception. It has been proven to be almost 100% effective in preventing conception. The active component of this pill is ethynnodiol diacetate (artificial progestogen, 0.5 milligrams). This pill can be taken by women who are 18 years old or above, but should be avoided by pregnant women. You need to take this pill for all 28 days of your menstrual cycle. If you start taking Femulen from the first day of your period, you get immediate protection from unplanned pregnancy. Although this pill does not contain oestrogen, it can cause some common side effects such as nausea, vomiting, changes in menstrual bleeding, decrease in sex drive, breast tenderness, skin problems and depression.

You can buy Femulen from any of the registered online pharmacies after completing a free and speedy online consultation with a certified doctor. The online consultation helps the medical professional in evaluating whether the contraceptive pill is best suited for your body or not. If you are approved of the medication, a prescription is https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/cialis-5-milligrams-prix/ issued to you. Your ordered medication is dispatched discreetly to your doorstep.

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